‘The challenge for women in music is the lack of institutional support’

Participants in Finding a Voice, a festival of music by female composers, have their say

Florence Price means the most to me because of how learning about her life opened up new possibilities for me as a classically trained pianist. When I was an undergraduate exchange student studying at McGill in Montreal in 2009, I was a 19-year-old and had been studying piano and classical music my whole life. And while I knew that there was something unusual about me and what I was doing, as a black woman and usually the only black girl in the music classroom, I'd never really stopped to question or think about the fact that surely there must have been other people of African descent in classical music, too. It wasn't until I learned about Florence Price that I became curious to know about this history. I became eager to bring her music into my repertoire and – I'm a musicologist as well – also wanted to develop a scholarship around her. And that's exactly what I've done since.
Dr. Samantha Ege

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